About Me

In 2011 Lizzy Cakes Cupcakes was founded with the goal of providing the best cupcakes made with the best local ingredients and giving you the best service around. I have always had a passion for baking, ever since I was a little girl. I remember baking up lots of delicious goodies with my mom and grew up in a household where the kitchen aid mixer was used more than the microwave. I always had homemade birthday cakes and they were the talk of the party. Now as a mom of two girls, I always include them in my baking adventures. The memories these moments carry last a lifetime….for all of us. I have always been the one that my friends ask to bring sweet goodies to get togethers. I have always enjoyed being that dessert go-to gal. But, I always thought of it as a hobby and never a business. Until I literally woke up one morning and said, “Why not?” I knew that I was meant to do something more. My dream is to do what I love each and every day…..and I am now lucky enough to be sharing my passion with you.

Cupcakes are little handheld smiles. They transport you back to childhood and bring back memories of more carefree times. There is a flavor for everyone and they brighten up all occasions. They are beautiful works of art, in the simplest form. These things inspire me to make the best cupcakes around.

Lisa Banks
Owner of Lizzy Cakes Cupcakes