What is Lizzy Cakes Cupcakes?
We are a make-to-order cupcake catering company in Beaverton, Oregon that makes classic flavors, flavors with a twist and drink-inspired cupcakes.  All cupcakes are made with the freshest ingredients(never a can or box).  We deliver our cupcakes directly to our customers by request or have pick up available, too.

Can I try a single cupcake?
Unfortunately, because we don’t have a storefront, this is not possible.  Our cupcake minimums are 1 doz full size or 2 dozen mini’s.  If you would like to do a tasting while planning for an upcoming event, we are happy to bake you up some tasters.

Can I order a mixed dozen?
So sorry!  Because all orders are custom baked per order, we never have extra’s lying around.  And each recipe has been created to ensure the tastiest cupcakes around!  We sell our cupcakes by the dozen (standard size) and two dozen (mini size) in a single flavor and cannot mix dozens.

Can I pick up my cupcakes?
Yes! Cupcakes can be picked up at our “in home” bakery.

Why do you need two days to make my order?
We make all cupcakes to order, fresh out of the oven. We need a couple of days to work your order into our busy schedule to ensure we have all the delicious and freshest ingredients around.

How do I order?
You can place your order by contacting us here or call us at 503-332-6869.

Do you have a minimum order?
Yes. Our minimum is one dozen standard size or two dozen mini size of one flavor combination.

Do you have a maximum order?
Nope.  The more the merrier!   Ask us and we will do our best to accommodate your order.

I have placed my order and paid. Can I cancel it or reduce the number of cupcakes?
Lizzy Cakes Cupcakes can offer a store credit for canceled or reduced orders if we are notified at least 48 hours prior to the delivery time. We cannot accept cancellations or reduced orders within 48 hours of the delivery time. We will send a gift certificate of credit to the customer.

I have a credit notice or gift certificate. How do I redeem it?
Your credit notice or gift certificate has a number assigned to it. Call or email us with your credit notice or gift certificate number before you place your order to request the credit be applied to your order.

Do you charge for delivery?
It depends on where you are….See our delivery page for more information.

What sizes do your cupcakes come in?
Our cupcakes are available in standard and mini sizes. Standard size cupcakes are sold by the dozen and minis are sold by the two dozen.

Do you do weddings?
Happily and with total satisfaction in mind.  Contact us to discuss your event. We would love to do a sampling for you.  But, we do not set up or display cupcakes automatically.  This would be negotiable.

Do you have gift certificates?
Yes.  Contact us to purchase gift certificates.

Can I send cupcakes as a gift?
Our cupcakes are perfect for any occasion and are attractively packaged in brown bakery boxes.  Every order includes a flavor card with details about the cupcakes. Brief messages can be accommodated.  Delivery charges will apply.  Note that orders must meet minimums.

I have allergies, am a vegan, and don’t eat gluten. Is there a cupcake for me?
We can’t accommodate nut-free allergies, as all our cupcakes are baked in a kitchen that has nuts stored in it.  We never cross contaminate, but cannot guarantee with 100% certainty.  We do not have vegan or gluten free…..yet.

How should I store my cupcakes?
Because our cupcakes are baked with the freshest ingredients(no preservatives), they are best if eaten the same day as received.  But, if kept in a cool place or airtight container can be left out for 24 hours.  If you refrigerate, please allow to them return to room temperature before serving, for maximum deliciousness. Unless you like cold cupcakes. Then go ahead and eat them right out of the fridge.

Can you leave my cupcake order on the porch?  I may not be home when you deliver.
Because we make our cupcakes fresh using fresh, perishable ingredients, deliveries must by received in person.

Do you ship cupcakes?
No, we deliver in the SW Portland/Beaverton region only. Visit our delivery page to find out if we deliver in your area.

What about my child’s school birthday party?
Our commercial kitchen is state inspected.  Our cupcakes can be delivered with a list of ingredients and allergen information(upon request) making them suitable for school functions.  Although, there are nuts in the kitchen in which they are all made.

Can you sell your cupcakes at my kids school carnival or other events around town?

We definitely can.  Please contact us to make special arrangements.

When are you going to open up a storefront?

We are not sure quite yet.  The thought is there, but no formal date has been set.